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Escapade 2009

10707 Finnell St.
Dallas, TX 75220
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  • Sun, Thu-Sat 8pm-3am
Promoted as the "Ultimate Latin Experience," Escapade 2009 is one of the largest -- if not the largest -- Latin club in Dallas that's not housed in a renovated big-box store. And that's even if you aren't counting the handful of other clubs also in the Escapade complex, which is so large that it's impossible to miss from Interstate 35 East. Flocking to the red glow of the club's massive "2009" sign every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night are waves of cars, trucks and SUVs flooding the massive parking lot of the 18-and-up club. The DJs on the Main Floor downstairs play a mix of hip hop, Latin pop and rock, while dancers upstairs glide around the many different dance floors of Club Arriba's sound-proofed rooms doing the merengue, salsa and bachata -- along with various other styles. At seemingly every turn there's another bar -- upstairs and down. And, upstairs, there's a pool room that's open to the Main Floor -- music and all. It's a great perch for people watching.

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