Kuby's Sausage House | Park Cities | German, Market, Deli | Restaurant

Kuby's Sausage House

While predominantly a meat market, Kuby's is as close as you can come to experiencing a stripped-down, Old World delicatessen. It also offers customers a dining experience. Among the most popular is wurst teller, a sausage plate with homemade sauerkraut, German potato salad and red cabbage. The dinner menu also includes a rotating selection of monthly specials-along with beer flights! Opened in 1961 by Karl Kuby and still a family operation, the first Kuby's shop was located in the Fatherland. And for those hunters looking to have someone else butcher and prep their elk, antelope or fish, Kuby's will process game. The Snider Plaza mainstay is a longstanding hit with the SMU crowd and Park Cities-ites.