Palapas Seafood Bar

Catherine Downes
If you’ve grown tired of Tex-Mex, there’s a solution on Lower Greenville Avenue. Amidst the auto shops and gas stations at the intersection with Henderson Avenue, Palapas Seafood Bar sits in a nifty-looking hut with thatch-roofed patios. Do your best to sit outside. The scenery isn’t the best but the vibe is. Music softly plays and the wind rustles the palm leaves — it doesn’t take more than a beer or two to completely transport you. And while you sit on some beach on the Sinaloan coast and eat whole red snapper cooked over an open flame, you just may think you're on vacation. Try the excellent ceviches, or if you haven’t broken the Tex-Mex habit completely, what may be the best nachos served in Dallas.