Anisha Holla

Parlor's Ice Creams

Anisha Holla
Parlor’s Ice Creams is just west of White Rock Lake (in the Hillside Village Shopping Center) serving nostalgic flavors ranging from milk and cookies to strawberries and cream. They mix, pasteurize and freeze all of their ice creams in-house: a supply standard few other ice cream shops in Dallas can uphold.

Parlor’s raw ingredients are sourced from local Dallas farms and growers, including grass-fed cows for the milk and cream, as well as eggs from pasture-raised chickens.

Start with a scoop of the milk and cookies ice cream, a vanilla-flavored ice cream with fresh baked cookies lodged in the crevices. The base here is more subtle than your typical vanilla, providing a neutral background for the real star of the show, the cookie. It’s like dunking a warm cookie into a cold glass of milk but all the leg work has already been done for you.

Another customer favorite is the cookies and cream, an Oreo-flavored ice cream base studded with house-made Oreo cookies.

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