The Dolly Llama | Uptown/Oak Lawn | Ice Cream | Restaurant
Anisha Holla

The Dolly Llama

Anisha Holla
The Dolly Llama is a waffle house and ice cream shop with, at times, over-the-top pairings that serve up a whale load of sugar. Lesssgooo!

The Dolly Llama’s signature bubble waffles are a lighter waffle based on a popular Hong Kong street food. These are served warm with a scoop of ice cream and other toppings — ranging from creamy to crunchy to soft (photo at top). 

The Dolly Llama also sells its “OG Liege Waffles,” which are slightly crispier and tougher to the bite than the bubble counterparts. Both types of waffles offer a variety of toppings, as well as a create-your-own option for the more adventurous. As the website puts it, Dolly Llama offers an “interactive environment” for all ages. The menu here is your playground.

If you’re having trouble deciding, try the best-selling Dolly Dream Waffle, which comes with a perfectly round scoop of cookie monster ice cream topped with strawberry slices, brownie pieces and a Nutella drizzle. Eat sparingly though: the signature blue ice cream will stain anything and everything, from lips to teeth to clothing.

Even if you’re just craving an old-fashioned milkshake or scoop of ice cream, The Dolly Llama has you covered. They offer well-sized portions and often there's enough to share.