The Meat Shop

The Meat Shop, situated in an old house on the westernmost stretch of Lovers Lane, is an old school style butcher shop that sells meat, cheese and wine to go, along with sandwiches. It has six beers on tap and offers a back porch with picnic tables and cornhole. The Meat Shop is affiliated with Rosewood Ranch, which stretches across four counties south of Dallas and specializes in wagyu beef. Beautifully marbled rib-eyes, strip steaks and tenderloins sit beside more affordable tri-tips and flank steaks, a generous assortment of pork and sausages, and a handful of cheeses such as Gorgonzola and cheddar washed in claret. Before going home with those meaty groceries, grab a couple of hot pastrami sandwiches to try on the back patio. The house-made pastrami is smoky and thick-cut, the mustard is hot and the pickles are thick and nicely tart. Best of all, The Meat Shop has a pretty good collection of craft beers to drink with them.