Armoury D.E. is a New Bar Coming Soon to Deep Ellum

Just last week we were getting our feathers in a ruffle, heading out onto our lawn in Deep Ellum and screaming "GIT, GIT OFF." We were shaking a stick at development deals coming to Deep Ellum in the form of retail space and lofts. But, it comes from a place of love, and yes, things are actually looking really good right now in the neighborhood. And, with the soon-to-open new bar Armoury D.E., they're getting better and better.

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In early September of last year, it was announced that Armoury D.E., (the name is an homage to the Chicago based Armoury and Company meatpackers in the 1880s and Deep ellum) would make its way out to Deep Ellum in December. However, December is well worn into our rearview. Hell, it's not even in our rear view anymore; it's just a memory that lives on Instagram and Facebook. What was the hold up anyway, and when is this place opening its doors?

In typical fashion, what's stalled the opening of Armoury D.E. has been a few small issues, such as getting the place up to snuff in the city of Dallas' eyes, says co-owner Peter Novotny. Also, their renovation of Kettle Art Gallery's old space at 2714 Elm St. hasn't exactly been as expeditious as planned -- adding a brand new kitchen is no small task, after all.

Novotny isn't too worried, though. He says the bar should open its doors in five weeks now, "give or take."

What we can expect from the drink menu are of course craft beers and cocktails, as this isn't meant to be a dive. In fact, the bar will favor the latter over the former. Novotny says everything for the cocktails will be made in-house and they'll have everything from traditional classic cocktails to Armoury D.E.-specific incarnations.

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The food menu is still being pegged down, but will feature traditional bar foods like burgers, plus non-traditional but traditional foods like salads, and dishes to spark a foodie's attention. The crew that's bringing this spot to Deep Ellum -- Dan Murry, Johnny Brown and Abram Vargas -- are no strangers to the food and drink industry, having met at Filmore Pub and bounced around at places like Bottle Shop, Libertine Bar, Goodfriend and Cedar Social.

In about a month or so, we'll gladly put down the stick and welcome Armoury D.E. into the neighborhood. We might even show them hundreds of pictures of our grandkids.


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