Bon Iver's Lyrics Find Their Way to "Hinnom, TX" Hell

Gray swaths are covering North Texas today, which is pitch perfect weather to discuss Bon Iver developments. His new, self-titled sophomore album is dropping on June 21 (a single, "Calgary," is already making the rounds), and the first leg of a US tour has been announced. No stops in Texas yet, but that might change.

But this is interesting: Track six of Iver's upcoming release is called "Hinnom, TX," which forced us to break out the Google Maps.

Searching "Hinnom, TX" puts the pin smack in the middle of the Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas (the full lyrics are after the jump). Odd.

So will Bon Iver be making a stop in Texas? Not sure. Since there seems to be no record of Hinnom, TX, searching just the word "Hinnom" reveals the following definition on the Bible Encyclopedia:

The meaning of "Hinnom" is unknown; the expressions ben Hinnom and bene Hinnom would suggest that it is a proper name; in Jeremiah 7:32; Jeremiah 19:6 it is altered by the prophet to "valley of slaughter," and therefore some have thought the original name must have had a pleasing meaning.

So, OK, maybe not a stop in Texas. No word either on whether or not Bon Iver thinks Texas is Hell. We'll keep you updated.

Hinnom, TX

(fall in
fall out
fall along)

in the first of light
past the Noachide
bodies wrapped in white

stranded every pain
baby, pasts are slain
"I got outta La Grange..."

in Hinnom

all this time
with your heart in mind
didn't you edit

in Hinnom

go, the least
and the precious feast
the in-vetted

sand it starts to steal
dirt and ice imbed in cheeks
in the potter's field

solar peace
well it swirls and sweeps
you just set it

strangers scattering
nether passage in the wind
off pennant tension ring

armor, down
on the wettest ground
not to vet it

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