Bonus MP3: Something in the Wheel -- "Ol Nathanial and the Thirsty River"

Something in the Wheel is a clever country duo consisting of Mimo Morreale and Daniel Pease. Both members sing, as well as play banjo, guitar, harmonica and mandolin, and, flanked by a few extra players, the duo captivated a crowd with its down-home sound as it performed on the acoustic stage at last weekend's M2S2 event.

Anyway, Morreale was nice enough to send over a rough mix of "Ol Nathanial and the Thirsty River," a song that will appear on the band's upcoming album. Check it out after the jump...

Bonus mp3:

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Something in the Wheel -- "Ol Nathanial and the Thirsty River"

Very rootsy--and pretty damn good, I say. Even though this particular track is an instrumental, both Morreale and Pease are fine vocalists who compare favorably with Ryan Adams and Samuel Beam.

Something in the Wheel has been playing around town for a better part of a year and the band looks to be a nice addition to the area's scene. Keep an eye out for 'em.

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