Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Flavor Crystals Monday

When people think of Brian Jonestown Massacre, the band's music isn't necessarily the thing that immediately comes to mind. Which is quite unfortunate.

But, alas, despite the fact that the band has its neo-hippie vibe down pat, the biggest draw to Brian Jonestown Massacre shows is the fact that frontman Anton Newcombe could flip out, stop the show or attack a bandmate at any moment—as he's been known to do, thanks to the release of the 2004 documentary DiG!, which showed off his darker, drug-addled side and its on- and offstage overshadowing of his band's brilliance.

Indeed, Newcombe's catalog displays a fondness for musical experimentation, and his band's always-expanding and developing sound can't really be pinned down to one specific genre, drifting from '60s psychedelia to folk and country, with even a few electronic elements thrown in. Head to this show expecting Newcombe to flip out, and you'll probably leave disappointed. But arrive expecting a fluid musical experience and you may get more than you asked for.


Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Flavor Crystals

And then, who knows, maybe Newcombe will flip out. Bonus!

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