It's Dave Chappelle...bitch!

Dave Chappelle: Not Dead

Quia's gonna be checking in first thing tomorrow morning with a review of tonight's Erykah badu show at the House of Blues, but before she does, we've got to mention something else of note: In addition to a slew of big names

we already knew

Erykah was bringing in to help celebrate her birthday and the release of her new album (?uestlove, Bun B, Pharoahe Monch, 9th Wonder, et al), she dropped a pretty big bomb on tonight's crowd when she introduced her friend Dave Chappelle to the stage. Chappelle, who unsurprisingly earned a thunderous applause, played some keyboard (or just faked it real well) before grabbing the mic and talking to the crowd.

"This is is like a bigfoot sighting! All the pictures of me in the press are all grainy and shit," he said before freezing in a half-stride, looking-over-his-shoulder-at-the audience pose.

"It's just nice to get out of the house," he said later. "Only Erykah can do that."

Chappelle then urged the crowd and the 20 or so people on stage to sing Erykah a "sexy" version of "Happy Birthday" before he returned to the background and side of the stage for the rest of the night.

As for if we'll see him again any time soon, Chappelle had this much to say: "I'm just waiting till Obama gets in office. Then I'll be on TV again saying all types of shit." -- Pete Freedman

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