DC9 at Night Mixtape with the PM

For this week's DC9 at Night Mixtape we get to feature a youthful spin on house music. It comes courtesy of Aidin Hafezamini and Johnee Fenimore, who are better known as the DJ duo the PM. Although both are still fairly new to the game, they have been busy the past few years with residencies and guest slots at clubs like Green Elephant, Red Light Lounge and Beauty Bar. This week they deliver a bouncy, techie house mix and in the Q&A reveal a bit about where they are coming from as DJs.

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DC9 at night: How did you get started DJing? How long have you been at it

Hafezamini: We started as enthusiasts working together for a few years in a completely unrelated field, listening to house and techno daily, since we shared an office. That evolved into a friendship revolving around the music we love, and good Asian food. For me I got a chance to mess around with a pair of CDJ 800s at Johnee's one night and was instantly hooked by the act of mixing and putting together two completely separate pieces of music to create a new composition. From there we were getting together once a week and practicing till I was able to get my own set. That was about three years ago; we started around the same time.

Fenimore:I've been around DJs and dance music since I was a kid and always had a desire to learn. Picked up a set of CDs four years ago and got to learning the art with my partner for the PM, Aidin.

Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

Hafezamini: Usually we play to the vibe of the party. But for this we wanted to choose a diverse selection of stuff we've been playing -- old and new, as well as some choice records from the collection.

Fenimore: It really depends on where and who I'm playing with. Getting the vibe right is my biggest focus in selecting what I'm playing. Just for back up, in case the vibe shifts, I always keep a good supply of different genres on hand.

Where do you dig for tracks for your sets?

Hafezamini: Mostly Beatport and Traxsource, and digging familiar labels and producers.

Fenimore: I mainly look towards Traxsource and Beatport as well. I like to listen to what's been freshly released daily. You never know when that bomb will be dropped so you have to stay sharp and keep an open perception. Or else someone else will nick that bomb before you.

Do you still buy vinyl?

Hafezamini: Yes, and I'd like to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote our primary vinyl source Pop Up Records, run by Josh Kynd and Sam Malone, for supplying us with those special dance floor cuts!

Fenimore: I buy vinyl every chance I get, especially if I'm in another city.

What DJs and producers have had a significant impact on you as an artist?

Hafezamini: Well that is a long list but It would have to start at home with Maceo Plex, Demarkus Lewis and Brett Johnson. As [for] the more internationally known: Jamie Jones, Phil Weeks, DJ Sneak, Doc Martin, Mr.C, DJ Heather, Danny Daze, Pezzner, Catz N Dogz, Russ Yallop, Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundroom, Huxley. I could go on and on.

Fenimore: I would have to say Get Physical for production value; they really have an eye for quality talent from multiple genres. As far as DJs go it is definitely local cats like Allen MD, John Baugh, Chad Humphries, Josh Kynd, Myles Francis and of course my partner for the PM, Aidin. Tini, DJ Tennis, Three, Renato Ratier, Gene Farris, Dixon, Maceo Plex and several other DJs I've seen live have also been a big influence.

What is your most memorable music experience of the past year?

Hafezamini: We recently did a weekend trip to New York to go to the Output two-year anniversary. I saw Stacey Pullen, AudioFly, Martin Butrich, Carl Craig, Digweed and DJ Three all in one weekend, followed by an impromptu two-hour after party set with some friends we met while there. Did I mention that was all within 48 hours?

Fenimore: Definitely doing a last minute, after hours tag set with my partner Aidin and Chris Sanabria of DKDS in Bushwick Brooklyn.

Do you have a preference for DJing vs. production?

Hafezamini:Although I do enjoy writing music DJing is definitely more enjoyable for me as I'm still new to production.

Fenimore: DJing is what I love the most but I'm somewhat new to production and still learning the art.

Do you have any favorite cuts that you always keep in your crates?

Hafezamini:Yes. But you'll have to come catch one of our sets to find out what they are.

Fenimore: Under no circumstance can I leave the house without "Body Motion" by Gene Farris, "Dem Mai Hoes" by Will Monotone, "Houce of Macici" by Phil D'bit and "Talk About Jack" by Sidney Charles.

What gigs do you have coming up?

Hafezamini: We have a headliner show not yet announced for May 2 that will be at Red Light Lounge. And once the weather gets nicer, we'll be doing our signature Tuesday weekly Patio Parties at Red Light on the roof as well.

Fenimore:We'll also be doing Turnstile Tuesdays at Beauty Bar.

Tracklist: 1.Snake vile wine- Simian Mobile Disco 2.Just Because- Fries & Bridges (Robsoul) 3.Rascal- Tapesh, Volkoder 4.??-(Wiggle Records) 5.Come- Deefo 6.Waiting- Geddes 7.Stutter- Pete Dafeet 8.Rough- Tom Ruijg 9.Someday- Eddie Richards (Vinyl) 10.Colt- Dense & Pika 11.So get up (Dan Robins 3 dimension Mix) - Kaos Records (Vinyl) 12. ??- (Audiomatique Records) 13. Bar a Thyme (Supernova Remix)- Kerri Chandler


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