DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 13: Menkena

While we're at it, here's your YouTube link too.

Jimmy Menkena knows as well as anyone how satisfying it can be to let loose screaming and just wail on the guitar onstage. By the time he moved to Dallas in 2006, he'd already done that, in a past life in a skate punk band in New York.

As he tells it in the interview above, shot last week out at El Sibil, meeting Mike Simmons at work, and beginning to play with him and Nolan Thies was his opportunity to revisit another side of music, the quieter songs he'd been writing and stashing away even at age 15. Once the three teamed up with guitarist Brent Elrod, they'd hit on the Menkena sound--and just in time to get to work in the studio.

The resulting record makes a quiet progression of "a lot of levels of self-restraint," Thies says, and it's the result of an unhurried approach. The band wants to make sure they have an artifact that'll last--something even more important, Thies says, than putting on a kick-ass live show.

Menkena's got that covered though, too--in large part lately thanks to the addition of video projections by Steve Gaddis, a few of which are showcased with the band in this week's video.

If you like what you see, you can start holding your breath now for the day Menkena wraps work on its album.

And if you're watching that video and just wish you could've been there to see the set yourself, here's your shot at redemption: we'll be taping another live set from a great local act tonight at El Sibil (122 E. 5th St. in Oak Cliff) tonight at 7. Hope you can make it.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.