Denton's Own Sly Stone Is The 38th Greatest Musical Artist of All-Time, Says VH1...

Speaking of Denton ranking highly on lists today

, have you guys been watching VH1's

100 Greatest Artists of All-Time

countdown this week? It's a guilty pleasure, for sure, especially if you enjoy hearing people like Sebastian Bach and members of the Barenaked Ladies talk about their musical heroes.

Whatever, we dig it.

So, yeah, we figured this was worth a mention: On last night's portion of the countdown, which focused on the acts coming in at No. 40 - 21, Denton's own Sly Stone clocked in at No. 38 on the list, just ahead of The Kinks and right behind Fleetwood Mac. Seems about right, even if it's tough to get behind a list that ranks Rage Against The Machine a full nine slots ahead of Iggy & The Stooges.

Anyway, the show comes to a close tonight--and will probably air as a re-run from now until eternity. But if you just can't wait, your spoiler alert list of the full list of 100 artists can be found right here.

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