DJ Yeahdef Remixes Neon Indian, Darktown Strutters

Denton-based, DOMA-winning Best DJ Yeahdef has been a busy man of late, posting a slew of fresh remixes to his SoundCloud page, among them a couple of edits to fellow local products Neon Indian and Darktown Strutters.

The disc jockey, born Joey Leichty, says he's "always toyed with the idea of releasing an EP of remixed locals." And he was kind enough to take the time to explain his aim on each of these mixes for your DC9 reading pleasure.

"I heard that Darktown song and just thought, 'Wow. Genius,'" he says. "I'm just spreading the word on those two masterminds. They're great! I guess it's the equivalent of a Star Trek fanboy writing a fan-fiction story. I just am a fan and want to rework their material."

But, he warns, his mix of Darktown Strutters' "Juvenile," which, along with his remix of Neon Indian's "7000 (Reprise)" is available for free download after the jump, is "still a work in progress."

"I like the Neon Indian one better," he admits. "I did [that one] in about 30 minutes while I was in Florida because I said I would make one and [their Granada show together] was the next day. Most of the time, my impromptu stuff is better than the things I try to control."

Judge for yourself after the jump.

Bonus mp3:

Darktown Strutters -- "Juvenile (Yeahdef's Detention Center Remix)"

Bonus mp3:
Neon Indian -- "7000 (Reprise) (Yeahdef Remix)"



love seeing locals remix other locals--

as you no doubt already know

. Here's hoping we hear that EP soon enough.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.