Eyrkah Badu's Busy, Busy, Busy SXSW Week.

Dallas' own Erykah Badu had herself quite the weekend, turns out. More eventful than yours, I'm guessing. Unless, that is, you somehow managed to...

  • ...evade a stalker (as Unfair Park unearths this morning) and get delayed on your travels to SXSW.
  • ...have your manager announce to the audience at your free SXSW Auditorium Shores performance--just before it was set to start--that you wouldn't be able to make it down because of "travel issues," as one source at the show told us on Saturday.
  • ...have the crowd at said performance scatter and leave when it found out you wouldn't be playing (according to the same source)
  • ...somehow, against all odds, make it to Austin in time to perform a couple of songs with your side project The Cannabinoids anyway, much to the delight of those fans who'd remained.
  • ...perform a couple of shows in Austin, and none in Malaysia (as we'd wondered). And, not surprisingly, annoy a bunch of Malaysians in the process.
  • ...perform alongside Common and Kanye West at Kanye's "secret" Saturday night show at the SXSW Fader Fort, as the above video shows.

And, let's not forget the fact that she just had a child a few weeks back. Clearly, this woman is a superhero.

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