7 Dallas Music Venues Where It's Easy to Get a Drink

Get your drink on (easily) at these seven music venues.
Get your drink on (easily) at these seven music venues. Kathy Tran
Waiting to get a drink at a bar can be a struggle. If you try to get the bartender’s attention by waving your credit card or cash in the air, you risk looking like a tool. But if you don’t, you’re basically admitting defeat and are forced to continue waiting for that whiskey Coke.

This dilemma is even further compounded at a concert because the longer you’re waiting for your drink, the more of the show you’re missing. Thankfully, not every music venue in Dallas keeps you waiting. Here are seven music venues where getting a drink isn’t so bad.

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Mike Brooks
The Foundry
Even on a Friday or Saturday night, waiting at the bar to get a drink here goes by pretty quickly. What makes The Foundry a great spot to listen to live music (by the way, there’s no cover) is that you can also chill out at a picnic table and have a server bring you your drink. You can also order some of the best fried chicken you’ll ever have from the adjoining Chicken Scratch, and a server will bring it to you. Live music, drinks and fried chicken — who says no?

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Roderick Pullum
Double Wide
The bartenders are quick here. But if for some reason you find yourself waiting longer than you’d like to, just walk to the bar on the other side of the Double Wide. Two bars in one venue mean you’ll never be waiting long for a drink.

Three Links (pictured at top)
If it’s a full house, you might have to wait a little bit here. But what makes Three Links an easy place to get a drink is that because it’s such a small venue, you can watch whoever is performing while waiting for your drink. This way even if you wait more than a minute, it’ll go by a lot quicker.

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Mike Brooks
The Bomb Factory
One on either side and one in the rear. That’s not a flight attendant explaining a plane’s emergency exits; that’s how many bars the Bomb Factory has. The two on either side tend to get a little more swamped during shows. We recommend combining your midshow restroom break with a pitstop at the bar in the rear. There’s never a wait at the bar closest to the restroom. The only downside here is that you’ll have to elbow your way back to your friends.

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Observer file photo
Sundown at Granada
Sundown is very spacious, which keeps everyone spread out instead of gathering all at the bar. This means you won’t be waiting too long at the bar. Or place your order with a server and avoid missing out on the fun.

David Fletcher
Armoury D.E.
On a crowded Friday night, you might be waiting for a while to get a drink at the bar inside. Our tip: Go outside and let a server come to you. The live music is outside anyway, so why waste your time standing at the bar?

Wherever you end up, try the following tips to get your drinks faster.
  • Get there early and establish a rapport with the bartender. Tip big on your first drink (and tip nicely on all drinks, for that matter). This way, the bartender knows your name and that you tip well.
  • If possible, look up the venue’s drink prices to know what to expect, and then have cash ready. This speeds things up for everyone.
  • If you’re not going to start a tab, pay cash every time.
  • Stick to beer or mixed drinks. Unless the bar is known for speciality cocktails, don’t be the person who orders a mojito on a busy Saturday night.
  • Be nice, and be patient. Don’t obnoxiously wave cash in the air or yell to get service.

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