Gig Alert: Wintersleep, Stardeath & White Drawfs at The Loft Tonight

Stardeath & White Drawfs is a single entity, an experimental rock band from Norman, Oklahoma. And, led by singer Dennis Coyne (nephew of Wayne Coyne, lead singer of The Flaming Lips) Stardeath serves as this evening's headliner. But the real attraction (at least for me) is Wintersleep.

Hailing from Nova Scotia, this quintet made one of my favorite albums of 2008. Although released in Canada in 2007 (where it helped the band win a Juno award as best new Canadian band), Welcome to the Night Sky wasn't released in the release until last year. Either way, it's a killer record, full of interesting allusions and influences, blending a little Sonic Youth, a little alt-pop and even a bit of metal into heady songs such as "Weighty Ghosts" (see above video), "Archaeologists" and "Drunk on Aluminum."

Tonight's show is an all ages affair with Wintersleep hitting the stage at a little past eight, so be advised to get there early and put up with the rug rats.

I guarantee that the show will be worth it. Hell, I'm even taking my kid--and I don't like taking him anywhere.

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