Giveaway: Five Pairs Of Wristbands To Tomorrow's DOMAXXI Showcase On Lower Greenville

There've been a few changes to tomorrow night's DOMA Showcase lineup since we last spoke. Basically, two bands had to back out of the showcase. No big deal, though. We've replaced them with two more.

Because of scheduling conflicts, you won't see Blood of the Sun or The Gritz (the latter of which is on tour in Europe with Erykah Badu at the moment) tomorrow night. You will, however, be able to check out Daniel Folmer and Within Chaos in their stead.

Remember, you can purchase your cheap, cheap, super-affordable tickets in advance online. Oh, and, with that $5 purchase, you'll get a free copy of our DOMA Compliation disc.

But, 'cause I know how much y'all like free stuff, we'll just give away five pairs of wristbands right now. Want 'em? Shoot me an email real quick with the words "DOMA! DOMA! DOMA!" in the subject line, and I'll give 'em to ya. That simple. One catch, though: You gotta be able to pick up the wristbands by 5:30 this afternoon. Deal? Deal. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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