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Kristy Kruger Postpones 50-State Tour And New CD To Help Heal Her Mojo

Kruger, pre-crisis (Erica Fellicella)

Singer/songwriter Kristy Kruger has put her 50-state tour on hold in order to care for her dog. Seems her cocker spaniel, Mojo, took a dive off a 12-foot ledge, and the resulting surgery cost Kruger more than a decent used car.

Rough timing: Kruger was planning on releasing her new CD this spring.

“I’m broke as a motherfucker,” she says. “My record has been put on hold because I am $4,000 in debt.”

Kruger, who has been touring across the country as a tribute to her brother Eric (who died in Iraq in 2006), has so far made it to over half of the states in the union. But now, because of financial concerns, she'll be taking a break to care for Mojo and try to recoup the cost of the surgery.

Mojo often travels with Kruger on tour and her attachment to the dog goes well beyond the standard human/pet relationship. So much so that Kruger’s livelihood has become exasperatingly perilous. “I told myself that I’m not allowed to spend any money on anything other than groceries,” says Kruger. “No going out, no nothing until I’ve paid off my vet bills and re-saved to finish my album."

She will, however, continue performing around town: “I am putting on a big benefit for Mojo at Opening Bell Coffee on May 17th,” Kruger says. --Darryl Smyers

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