Listomania: Ranking the 10 Best Seattle Grunge Bands of the '90s

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10. Screaming Trees
After a batch of albums recorded for SST, Screaming Trees became one of the first of the Seattle bands to earn a major label deal when they signed with Epic in 1990. Their subsequent album, Uncle Anesthesia, produced by Chris Cornell, never managed to sell a ton of copies, but still served as a sign of things to come from the burgeoning scene.

9. 7 Year Bitch
Somewhat prophetically, the band lasted just seven years. In that time, though, they were some of the most aggressive and dominating punk rocker chicks in the grunge scene. Eat your heart out, Courtney.

8. Mother Love Bone
Mother Love Bone featured Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament -- but this is more than just a way to shoehorn some Pearl Jam-ers onto this list twice. Though the band's short-lived career was largely overshadowed by the death of frontman Andy Wood just days before the release of their debut album, Apple is still considered one of the biggest catalysts to bringing national attention to the then still-underground Seattle grunge scene.

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