Local Blogger Takes Leap, Becomes Booking Agent for The Crown & Harp

Chris Mueller, known by most in the music community as the man behind the local band-adoring Ghost of Blind Lemon music blog, announced this weekend that, effective immediately, he's now the main man in charge of the booking responsibilities at The Crown & Harp on Lower Greenville.

The Crown & Harp location, of course, is perhaps better known by its former name, The Cavern.

Back in February, the Lower Greenville mainstay changed its name, transformed its interior into a more pub-inspired design and announced that it would be somewhat backing off of its musical roots, instead trending in a more traditional bar and restaurant direction. Eight months later, with the news of this hire, it seems the space is ready to revert to its old ways.

To his credit, Mueller seems excited about being given the chance to help do that.

"I consider this to be a great privilege to be responsible for the quality of entertainment found at this establishment," Mueller writes in a blog post announcing his new position. "After all, for many years The Cavern had Spune as its booking agent, and Spune was never lacking in great bands to bring to the venue.

So what is my vision for The Crown and Harp? It's very simple: I plan to bring some of the best local acts (plus a few non-locals) to the venue. I believe that the most important factor in any live music venue's success is the quality of bands that perform there. As mentioned before, The Cavern consistently had a great track record for bringing quality entertainment, and I will make certain that The Crown and Harp continues with that track record."

We'll see how he does in the long-term, but, certainly, for now, this seems like good news for the fast-dying Lowest Greenville live music scene.

Mueller encourages bands interested in playing the venue to to reach out to him at this email address.

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