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Neon Indian Releases Bonus Mixtape With Copies of Deluxe Vinyl Verson of Era Extraña

If you're a big enough Neon Indian to have ordered the deluxe vinyl version of their newest album, Era Extraña, then you've probably had a lot of fun playing with the PAL 198X (a mini synthesizer created by Neon Indian singer Alan Palomo in tandem with Austin's Bleep Labs) that came with it. But, unbeknown to just about anyone, some who spent the big bucks ($49.99) also may or may not have received a copy of something called "Neon Indian Mixtape."

As Disco Naïveté points out, there is no other information on the mixtape included in the packaging. So, all we have to go on is the 48-minute mix of obscure tracks -- including one from Cocteau Twins -- that we can only assume inspired lead singer Alan Palomo's sound, along with a few Neon Indian remixes.

But if you don't have $50 to spend on the deluxe package, and still want to hear the mixtape, we've got it streaming for you on the other side.

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