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Party Like It's 1983: New DJ Series Kicks Off at Rio Room Tonight

The year was 1983 when Rio Room, located in Highland Park, opened its doors for the first time. The crowds of seemingly wealthy hipsters (yes, I believe they had those back then) swelled on nights when Dallas cast members and other big stars commonly graced the club.

Today, not a lot has changed. Rio Room, which was updated to look like a Brazilian space-pod and re-opened last year, is still a hot spot for people who are most definitely cooler than you. Probably because big stars still turn up frequently. It's like a second home to Erykah Badu, with artists like Cee Lo and Diplo doing occasional performances.

So tonight, the club hearkens back to the days of its original excess and debauchery by kicking off '83 Series, which will take place on Thursday nights through March. The soundtrack to tonight's inaugural dance party will be provided by Canada's DJ U-Tern. The series won't just be limited to DJs, though. Rio Room has a penchant for throwing DJ sets from indie bands like Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., which will spin on Thursday, March 8.

Lots of other big names on this list, and Rio Room is continuing to prove that, thanks to its impressive music program, it's not just some shitty ultra lounge. At least not on Thursdays.

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