So-So Topic, pictured here at TreesEXPAND
So-So Topic, pictured here at Trees
Roderick Pullum

Rapper So-So Topic Debuts Single Chosen for Spike Lee Series

Oscar-winning director Spike Lee is officially a fan of Dallas hip-hop. Four years ago he selected Buffalo Black's song "Enter the Void" for the soundtrack to his movie Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. Yesterday, via Instagram, Dallas's prodigal emcee So-So Topic, announced that Spike Lee has chosen his song "Expl0de!" to be featured in season 2, episode 209 of the Netflix series She's Gotta Have It, which debuted this past Friday.

In recent years, Topic has forayed into film and TV with the creation of his own sitcom Going Nowhere Fast, which is still in production. He was also cast in the short film The Devil and Tommy Simpson, where he portrays an aspiring rapper who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for talent. We caught up with Topic to talk about his affinity for life in front of the camera and also to get an update on projects from his main job behind the mic.

First off congratulations. You're really tied in with the Hollywood crowd nowadays. We might have to change your name. Maybe it could be "So-So Hollywood" representing the (Topic's production team) "Team from Somewhere." What do you think?

I'd have to say I love you but I don't think So-So Hollywood is it.

Fair enough. How did all of this come together and what put you on Spike Lee's radar?

As far as being on Spike's radar, I had no clue how powerful of a tool Instagram could be to make something like this happen so fast, sheesh. I literally saw a post on his IG asking for submissions and went with what I thought was a track that might've been too weird to work, but we hit the nail on the head. Mr. Lee has impeccable taste, what else can be said?

Tell me about the song. Is this something you've had stored away in the vault or had you released it previously?

I've had this song tucked away for about four or five years, honestly. Just goes to show you can't sleep on your sleepers.

How does having your work acknowledged by Spike Lee feel?

Having my work acknowledged by Spike is nuts. Just knowing that not only does he mess with my music, he messes with my weird stuff, its levels.

I came up with another name for you that might work, hear me out. It's inspired by your Hollywood aspirations, my love for A$AP Mob and the new WuTang Clan documentary. You should change it to A$AP Topic: The Supreme Lyrical Thespian God. What do you think?

I gotta admit that name also doesn't activate my chakras, Rod-bro. One more try.

Never mind I'll drop it. Moving off the subject of Spike Lee and name changes, I want to ask you about Random Acts of Flyness. The first time I watched Random Acts I thought to myself that Topic would be perfect for this show. You and the creator of the show Terence Nance looked pretty chummy on social media. Will you be in season 2?

As far as Random Acts, I love everything about it. Even how uncomfortable it makes me sometimes. It's a deep project, and if Terence and Nelson (Nance) hit me up I'm there, no question. Them my bros; it's spiritual.

Do you have any updates on your show Going Nowhere Fast?

The only update I can share as far as the sitcom goes is animation is a bitch.

Last but definitely not least, you have several albums that are finished. When can we expect one of the new albums to be released?

After many setbacks, we're looking at a fall release date. You'll hear more about it as we begin to flesh out the fine details.

Anything else you want to let us know about?

I'm making the song from She's Gotta Have It available for download. Also I love you all and I'm looking to do more outlandish things soon.

Listen to So-So Topic's new single below:

Expl0de! (feat. Nic Harris & Adaggio), by So-So Topic, -topic for short.

So-So Topic, -topic for short. 2011 - Finally Confident, album. 2012 - Songs About P¿¿¿¿y (S.A.P), E.P 2013 - Time to Feed the Birds: Stories of Dead Kings, E.P 2014 - Be Good & Do Well, album. 2016 - My Favorite Sweaters, mixtape. 2019 - ¿¿¿¿, E.P, SOON 20**- /////...

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