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10 Songs From North Texas Artists For Your Sex Playlist

Sex playlist needs.
Sex playlist needs. Alexthq/iStock
"If I was your Girlfriend" remix – Doc Strange
Music should evoke something. That is the magic of its design. It manifests a real feeling out of thin air. Prince's second single from the double album Sign O' the Times was "If I Was Your Girlfriend." The song sounds, smells and tastes like sex. Sparse drum and bass combined with a slinky synth line creates an audio bedroom where Prince Roger Nelson becomes man and woman combined. Pitched up and down vocals create this effect, and every line is an intimate request for pleasure and understanding. It advertised the greatest human act to us, before we ran down the street with it and enjoyed it for years to come. Wanz Dover

"Angel" – Massive Attack
As the slow poly-rhythmic percussion pulsates through the beginning of Massive Attack’s classic cut “Angel,” there is an ominous feeling that something heavy is about to happen. Even though the opening of this song would work just as well at the beginning of a big budget Hollywood spectacle (where it has ended up a few times), as reggae legend Horace Andy’s near angelic voice slips into the song proclaiming “You are my angel / Come from way above to bring me love” there can be no confusion as to what comes next. Lovemaking of the most epic variety. Wanz Dover

“Rodeo” – Tony Q
Having left DFW for Hawaii a few years back, Tony Q has been outta the local music game for a hot minute, but that doesn’t mean his music’s been forgotten. Q’s debut EP by the same name features a hip-hop-infused shoutout to Texas women with “Rodeo.”

The track leaves little to the imagination in regard to Q’s muse’s sexual prowess with lyrics like: “Ooh, she a southern girl and I can tell / When the boots go on, she gonna raise some hell” and “Yeah, I reckon, reckon, reckon / That she can get ya there in only eight seconds / Cuz she rides it like a rodeo.”

Q details the hypnotism that accompanies unwavering confidence mixed with slow rolling hips. At 1:53, things escalate from sexy bull riding to 50 Shades of Grey: “You ain’t got nothin’ that could rattle her / So bring your leather when you saddle her / Cuz once she ties you down / You’ll know the best around." Basically, this song has all the charm, smooth beats and straightforward lyrics that you’d want featured on your sex playlist. Molly Mollotova

“Savior” – St. Vincent
Annie Clark’s fifth album, Masseduction, unapologetically took “pop music” to its definitive edge in 2017 — and we loved every second of it. With “Savior,” the album’s most kink-laced offering, Clark whips us into submission by detailing various sexual encounters that give the appearance of power, combined with sexual pleasure.

“You dress me up / In a nurse’s outfit / It rides and sticks / To my thighs and hips”

The mixture of synths, smooth beats and Clark’s unmistakable voice make for one track that would be a fantastic addition to your after-art-museum date hookup. Molly Mollotova

“Good For You” – Selena Gomez
Grand Prairie native Selena Gomez has consistently offered sugar-filled, pop jams for the masses for quite some time now. But in 2015, she teamed up with A$AP Rocky to give us the seductively smooth track “Good For You.” The track turned us on and made us ask the question: “Is Jelena back together?”

“Gonna wear that dress you like skin-tight / Do my hair up real, real nice / And syncopate my skin to your heart beating.”

Gomez wastes no time detailing all the ways in which she wants to look good for the song’s muse — all of which leave listeners a little more heated and tingly than they were to begin with. Molly Mollotova

“Across The Room (ft. Leon Bridges)” – ODESZA
 Most of us associate Leon Bridges’ velvety vocals with a lot of reverb-soaked, retro soul. But following the release of his debut album Coming Home in 2015, the Fort Worth native has been playing with a different sound, covering more seductive topics — one unafraid to pour itself into other musical genres, forming something altogether sexy and new.

In 2017, Bridges appeared on EDM duo ODESZA’s album A Moment Apart with (arguably) the album’s most popular track “Across The Room.” Bridges leaves no question to the song’s one-night-stand theme with lyrics like: “We’ve been goin’ for about two hours / And I don’t even know your name” and “I know ya sayin’ that you’re tired / There’s a little dance in ya left / Even if I go, I’ll still think of you I’m my bed.” Put this one in your smooth-jam rotation for when you want to get straight to the point, but still remain classy af. Molly Mollotova

“Turn Me On” – Norah Jones
If making love brings to mind a dimly lit room filled with scented candles and a bed brimmed with rose petals, then Norah Jones’ version of “Turn Me On” will probably be the perfect background sound to your classy, romantic escapade. Jones released the cover song as the last single off her debut album Come Away with Me in 2003, appearing on the soundtrack to Love Actually that same year. The song’s title is suggestive enough to express one’s dirty thoughts, but the UNT alumna sings the song so delicately that it paints a rather tender image of love. Hearing the words, “I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come on home and turn me on,” is able to put anyone in the mood or, at least, produce an eargasm that will then lead to being in the mood. Bryan Yalta

“Same Way” – Maya Piata
Like Japanese City Pop or American R&B in the '80s, Maya Piata’s “Same Way” is practically meant to be played on a high-treble portable radio sitting next to a warm, shaking bed on a sunny morning — or anytime there’s need for happy vibes, really. Piata came out with her sophomore EP Vernal this summer and released “Same Way” as the first single off the album. Self-described as "sunshine-soul," the Dallas songwriter’s sound captures and modernizes the styles of artists like Stevie Wonder and Ms. Lauryn Hill, ensuring listeners that her songs will be rhythmic, poppy and, at times, sensual. This song might be fit for partners who don’t want too serious an environment and would prefer to have fun exploring different positions or whatever else is explored under sheets. Bryan Yalta

“God’s Incense” – M3CCA
With a title like “God’s Incense,” feelings of bliss and ease can easily emerge and induce a peace commonly felt in intimate settings. Off of M3CCA’s debut EP Fruittape, the song’s sound evokes a spiritual, downy atmosphere that fans of Enigma or Sade might already be used to but which the Dallas artist shapes into fresh moods. Although the song might pertain to religious matters, the slow trip-hop sound and soulful vocals speak in comparable passionate levels. Perhaps the lack of sex talk in day-to-day conversations gives sex some sort of pseudo-sacred or divine status similar to spirituality, but that is exactly why lyrics like, “She walks in the darkness / Her aura is shining / It smells like God’s Incense brings blessings,” can work in bed. This is reserved for private relations where you can reflect as you go. This is for the slow pokes (pun intended). Bryan Yalta

“80’s Tune” – Luna Luna
Romantic indie films with the typical shy-person-meets-outgoing-person plot usually have soundtracks featuring indie bands that summarize the story in fewer than four minutes. This is just what Luna Luna’s “80’s Tune” does, except, to an imaginary indie film (not counting its music video). The Oak Cliff band formed in mid-2017 and released a few tracks through to early 2018, when they premiered the “80’s Tune” music video with the Dallas Observer in February. The video mimics the “Stranger Things” season two school dance finale. As romantic as that may be, here’s an alternate take for why it should be included in your sex playlist: Imagine being at a party and you see that one person who catches your eye. Both of you start talking about how much the party sucks and so you leave to do something you both like. Laughter and fun ensues, a connection arises, and before the sun ends the night, you both decide to express a foreign feeling inside you with foreign body action and mouth movement. That is romantic, awkward indie movie love, and this is your single-song soundtrack. Bryan Yalta
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