Still Missing Red Jacket? Well, Check This: There's Gonna Be A Reunion says this here somewhat-NSFW video:

And since I clearly wasn't around when Red Jacket and its Ruby Room were still rocking the shit, hosting secret shows and generally being awesome (or so I'm told), I'll just let the press release do the talking for me. Check it after the jump. --Pete Freedman

"Once upon a time a little joint named Red Jacket once stood at 3606 Greenville Ave. Not only a venue designed and concepted by the avant gaurd artist Terry Allen, but also a live venue where Prince once played - as Prince - a dance club that featured a KDGE (once 94.5, now 102.1) The Edge live broadcast for 5 years, almost every international and national touring DJ dropped a record or two. Where also folk artists like Lucinda Williams played, or punk bands such as Fishbone or Reed Big Fish. And also, but only sometimes, was a backdrop for TV productions...thank you Chuck Norris.

Re-live the memories as the reunion is set for July 20, 2008. Art pieces that once adorned the walls of Red Jacket and Ruby Room will be on display, as well as antiquated club flyers and a slide show for the entertainment backdrop. Oh, the music format will be a mix of 60's soul and 80's are they gonna pull that off?"


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