The Hotel Café Tour featuring Ingrid Michaelson, Meiko, Priscilla Ahn, Erin McCarley and Brooke Fraser

Ingrid Michaelson's tunes have been featured on Grey's Anatomy so often the singer might as well be considered a cast member at this point.

The self-made—no label, folks—singer-songwriter was launched into the limelight from MySpace obscurity last year when her hit "The Way I Am" was featured on Grey's, as well as an Old Navy commercial. Her music has all the appeal of those oh-so-depressing songs you listen to while lying in your bed, alone in the dark—although, somehow, Michaelson's songs inspire you to come out of the gloominess of life. Michaelson's mixing the pace up a bit with her sunny new single, "Be OK," though; it's the title track from her new, this-week-released album.

Also on the bill: Meiko, who became an up-and-comer when iTunes offered her folksy song "How Lucky We Are" as a free download, and fellow girl power musicians Priscilla Ahn, Erin McCarley and Brooke Fraser.

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