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The Mad Decent Block Party Through the Eyes of A Cynic and A Student: Reviews and Photos

Editor: We sent two writers to this weekend's Mad Decent Block Party. Vanessa Quilantan was mostly worried about the kids asking her for drugs and pissed about Action Bronson canceling. Carmina Tiscareno is a college student and therefore much more a member of the Block Party's target demographic. She had a better time. Here are their reports, starting with Vanessa's.

There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn't want to go to an EDM festival. There are drugs, devastating temperatures, infinitely long drink lines, glow sticks and, in the case of the Mad Decent Block Party, 6,500 people. Mostly youths. There are youths in underwear and fur boots on drugs. There are youths who ask you frantically at the start of Dillon Francis' set if you have drugs, or know who can give them drugs. They make you worry about them and where they may end up at the end of the night.

But there was one shining reason to go to this weekend's party. There is a singular live music experience so specific to this particular moment in pop culture, so universally likable, that it's worth braving the elements. That experience is Major Lazer.

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