The Problem With... Chris Brown's "Deuces"

Chris Brown is back with a new hit? What the deuce is this?

After his felony assault charge for attacking Rihanna last year, then breaking down and barely performing his part in a Micheal Jackson tribute at the last BET awards, and then starring in a movie with Anakin Skywalker, Chris Brown has a new track on that charts.

Good thing, too--things clearly haven't been going his way.

Brown's new track, "Deuces" follows a breakup routine and adds a bit of misogyny in a bid by Brown to regain his manhood... after he cried on stage for MJ.

The track sounds minimally produced and quiet. As a result, it sounds kind of boring. Want to know how a man-centric heartbreak song is done right? Well, you do it bombastically and obnoxiously, as if to say "Fuck You!".

Alas, that's not Brown's forte. Here, the lyrics detail the guy's side of the story and ends up revealing more about the guy's problems than whatever he thinks happened (see: "Always hopin' for the worst / Waiting for me to fuck up").

Tyga's guest verse here just piles up the woman-hatin' already on the song (see: "Thought it was true love / but you know women lie").

High five, bro!

The guest verse by Kevin McCall gets to that idea of guys just not understanding women and making the same mistake (see: "I got a new chick...but she give me deja vu"). McCall also compares irate women to Chicago, for whatever reason. Huh? What the hell does he have against Chicago?

To his credit, K-Mc clears up what "deuces" actually means. Which is fortunate, because, if he neglected to describe the peace sign,  the chorus line (see: "On some new shit / chucking my deuces up to her"), would just sound disgusting.

Then again, if you're into that sort of thing, you now know who to call. Brown.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.