The Problem With... Flo Rida's "Club Can't Handle Me"

There are only a few people that will ever try naming themselves after a pun of their home state.

Flo Rida's profile started with a few hits such as "Low" with T-Pain and "In the Ayer." Last time we heard from Rida was with the track "Right Round" from last year. I remember the carousel from the music video, and I remember hoping it would make Rida nauseous.

Hey, as long I have something else to remember him aside from "Ayer! Ayer!"

Rida's latest track, "Club Can't Handle Me," is a competent house track produced by David Guetta, who also produced the BEP track "I Gotta Feeling" before this one. Damn him for that. The production here manages to distinguish itself from all the other hits this year by attempting a club sound. Unfortunately, it sounds like a pale imitation.

What puts this song into problem territory has to be the lyrics, though. The writing wants to portray Rida like he's the life of the party. But, yo everyone else, it sounds like he's making a scene and crashing the club.

What a difference throwing cash around makes.

The first strike? A line that refers to "that Scarface player." Hold up: I don't remember that dude being a happy player for more than a minute. Nor do I recall his game ending well.

The next strike? The chorus promises "To make 'em stop and stare as I zone out"

Now, I don't care how much gravitas you have, but zoning out is not a great dance floor move. Timed pauses to the tempo, sure. But not all-the-way zoning out.

Anyway, the track and video ties in with the dance film Step Up 3D. Call me a purist, but I can't imagine a breakdance occurring to a track with a house beat.

But now I'm curious to see if it can happen. Where are my 3D glasses?

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