The Weeknd's 15 Most Absurd Lyrics

On the The Weeknd's single "Loft Music," Abel Tesfaye brags that he'll "put your mind in a dream world." It's true, the R&B music of The Weeknd certainly transports you somewhere. But where? To a fantasy world of Tesfaye's own making, a pleasure-centered nightmare tucked neatly between detestable and irresistible. Despite all its sexism, vanity, and gross decadence, The Weeknd's music is gorgeous. It's hard not to sit back and listen with awe, as Tesfaye's narcissism unravels into a self-deprecating hell. Because let's face it, there's an intoxicating indulgence in rooting for Abel Tesfaye -- R&B's quintessential anti-hero.

But, there is another side to The Weeknd's musings. Sometimes a lyric is so ridiculous, hits you so bluntly, you can't help but laugh. For the most part, there is no self-awareness in Abel Tesfaye's chemically fogged head. He repeatedly, seemingly unaware of the inevitable consequences, strides himself right into the mouth of emotional oblivion, over and over and over again. And luckily, for us, like some audio broadcast reality show - one far too X rated for mainstream consumption - he tells all about in seductively explicit detail. Now THAT'S entertainment.

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Jonathan Patrick