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Toadies Release New No Deliverance Single, Inspire Ballet Dancers

I think it was two weeks back now that the above song, "Song I Hate", was announced as the second single to be released from the Toadies' No Deliverance record (the first single, remember, was the title track). So that's not new news, necessarily.

But this is kinda new (assuming you don't read the Washington Post every day): The Toadies are quite the inspiration for one ballerina in the greater D.C. area--so much so that the dancer, Lucy Bowen McCauley, has choreographed earlier pieces of hers to Toadies songs like "Hell Below/Stars Above" and "Little Sun" "Little Sin". Oh, and her ultimate dream?

Bowen McCauley says she hopes to work with the Toadies one day, her dancers sharing the stage with the musicians.
I'll say it: That's actually pretty cool. Read the whole story here.

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