Tweed's debut, Jet Lag Heart, is an 11-song remedy made of mellow bellows and sad thoughts thick on the common themes of regret and hazy dreams. In other words: great make-out music. Or even better: beer-drinking music. Singer-guitarist John Garrett gets all "tied in a knot" because "it ain't easy telling lies." At least he's got a stack of smokes and Eleven Hundred Springs' Aaron Wynne on pedal steel guitar keeping him company, because who or whatever he's humming for ain't coming back. Garrett doesn't sing his heart out on Jet Lag Heart, if only because it's broken into too many pieces and he can't find them all. A bit soft-spoken, he sometimes lets the (very cool) Theremin and Hammond B3 organ do some talking, and you can't really blame him.

The rest of the trio serves Garrett's songs well. Mike Simmons (full disclosure: he's the layout editor at the Dallas Observer) proves a solid drummer. As for bassist Rocky Garza, I won't question the skills of someone named Rocky. And while these boys aren't doing anything that hasn't been done before, I can't help falling for it. Within first listen, I'm singing "Take a drag/Let it out easy" like it's been in radio rotation for a month, and maybe it should be; recorded at Bass Propulsion Laboratories by Todd and Toby Pipes, Jet Lag Heart has the sincerity it takes to stand out in the scene. Live, Tweed doesn't sound any different than it does in a studio, which is always a good selling point. So mend your own jet lag heart at Gypsy Tea Room on Friday.

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Desirée Henry