Venue Notes: Longhorn Closes, Lola's Stockyards Becomes The Basement Bar, and The Bone Returns?

A good news/bad news day in the world of DFW venues. Bad news first: Over at the Star-Telegram music blog, Preston Jones is reporting that the Fort Worth Stockyards' Longhorn Saloon, which opened up about a year and a half ago, is now set to close. Boo to that.

Meanwhile, another prominent Stockyards venue, Lola's Stockyards, is set to change its name to The Basement Bar--to avoid confusion with the other Fort Worth's Lola's space Lola's Sixth. Yay for that.

And, lastly, the good news (potentially): A drive down Elm Street today reveals that The Bone in Deep Ellum, which closed last summer, is back in business. According, at least, to a sign posted on the front door this morning. And, one assumes, to the Christmas tree lights adorning the venue's rooftop patio--which were turned on before noon this morning? Sure were. No signs of life on the venue's old MySpace page yet, though. We'll let you know once we hear something a little more concrete on this front...


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