Watch Bon Iver's Official Video for "Hinnom, TX," Which Some Say is in Fort Worth

There is only a month left in the year, and it's looking like Bon Iver's self titled sophomore album is pretty secure toward the top of our year-end lists. And, as Time reports, a re-release of the album tomorrow will be accompanied by 10 short films, one for every song, including "Hinnom, TX."

Back before summer's heat all but destroyed us, when Bon Iver announced the initial release of the record, the "Hinnom, TX" song title piqued our interests. So much so, that our gumshoe web editor and Bon Iver super fan, Nick Rallo, went on a web search for the city's actual location.

A few clicks on Google Maps later, and the little pin point was plunged right in the middle of Fort Worth's Southwestern Baptist Seminary. And, after learning that one definition of Hinnom is more or less hell, we quickly surmised that the online map was made by some wiseguy seminary student who wanted to really stick it to the man, Southern Baptist style. It also explains why the search has been updated in Google Maps, and no longer leads to the school.

Nevertheless, we can't hear the song without thinking Fort Worth. And if you watch the beautiful, newly released video, which we have on the next page, you might feel like you've just passed through Cowtown, headed westbound on Interstate 30 with the windows down, miles from hell.

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