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By now you know which Game of Thrones character and politician and root vegetable your Facebook friends would be, or at least which one they would like people to think of them as. And we appreciate that sort of information here at DC9 at Night. After all, that's why we're on Facebook: To truly get to know the nuance and character of our friends and acquaintances, and to give them the information they need to do the same.

But we have identified a fatal flaw in the Which BLANK are You?? quizzes. They do not include the data that we are, in fact, the sort of people who might post the results of a mini-personality test on the Internet (I'm Tyrion, in case you were curious).

So we've devised a quiz of our own that does take that into account. Give it a shot -- determine which rock star you would be!

What's your favorite accessory? 1. Costume hats. 2. Sunglasses with funny tints. 3. Meticulous stubble.

If you were in a band, how many times would you loudly proclaim that it is the greatest band in the world? 1. All the time. 2. More than that. 3. I would only break from doing that to tell people we are also the greatest people in the world.

What would you do if you met President Obama? 1. Bust out a dance move. 2. Talk exclusively to Michelle. 3. Tell him how to do his job.

How would your friends best describe you? 1. As a loudmouth. 2. As a man with lofty ideas of himself. 3. As a someone who used to be a pretty great songwriter.

You have $800 million. What do you do? 1. Get 75 semi trucks full of lighting rigs and hair gel to travel around with you. 2. Buy a stake in Facebook. 3. Make a Broadway musical.

Someone makes fun of you. What's your next move? 1. Lecture everyone you can find about love. 2. Run crying to your famous/powerful friends. 3. Make a record acknowledging your flaws, then disown said record.

You see an empty stage and an attentive crowd. What do you do? 1. Begin to sing, making sure you hit the same note for the next hour and a half. 2. Claim credit for the end of apartheid. 3. Make a peace sign and then walk dramatically away.

Now, count up your scores. 1 point for each question you answered "1," 2 points for each "2," and 3 points for each "3." Your rock star is on the next page!

Which Rock Star Are You?

SCORE 7 to 9: You're Bono! You're awesome and you're not afraid to tell people about it!

SCORE 10 to 13: You're Bono! The only thing you love more than doing good deeds is doing good deeds with lots of your friends and/or cameramen!

SCORE 14 to 18: You're Bono! You are a genius artist who is crippled by other people's perceptions of you!

SCORE 19 to 21: Yep, you're Bono too!

NOTE: If you weren't planning on sharing which rock star you are on Facebook, then you're The Edge. Congratulations.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.