Yeah, Buddy: Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" Turns Into A Borderline Internet Meme

Yeah, Buddy: Dorrough's "Ice Cream Paint Job" Turns Into A Borderline Internet Meme

Hope you're not yet sick of the smash summer single "Ice Cream Paint Job" from Dallas' own Dorrough (that's him in the above photo). Because, if you were, well, you're out of luck, friend.

In recent weeks, Dorrough's breakthrough single has seen the man from Lancaster getting all sorts of attention--and all kinds, too, in the forms of remixes, covers and even, yup, some parodies.

(He's even popped up on the most recent remix for The New Boyz's "You're A Jerk," the song at the forefront of Los Angeles' new dance-hop scene, Jerking, which our sister paper in LA says is currently jostling with the D-Town Boogie for nationwide supremecy.)

Anyway, after the jump, a far more in-depth breakdown than probably necessary of all the attention sent Mr. D-O-Double-R's way.

1. Traditional Hip-Hop Remixes...
Back in July, we hipped you to what turned out to be just of the tip of the iceberg when it comes to remixes of "Ice Cream Paint Job": A re-do of the track featuring verses from the likes of hip-hop heavyweights Jermaine Dupri, Soulja Boy, Jim Jones, Slim Thug, E-40 and Rich Boy. Surprisingly, since that first take, the names attached to later remixes have only become more interesting...

2. The Dance Club Remixes/Mash-ups.
Instead of just adding verses to the repetitive beat boasted by the original, at least four DJs (that we could find) went the opposite route, keeping Dorrough's verses but changing up the beat he raps over...

3. The Parodies.
Youtube's filled with people with too much time on their hands looking for a laugh, and Dorrough's seen his fair share of "Ice Cream Paint Job" parodies as a result...

  • First up, "Vaseline Lip Job," a song about a girl whose lips are chapped and who could really use some vaseline right about now...
  • This next one might not be the most couth of the bunch, but, since we're posting parodies, then fine. Here's Yaw J.B. with, ahem, "I Need A Blow Job"...
  • Lastly, my personal favorite. It's called "I Eat Shrimp." It's probably the most clever of the bunch--complete, even, with references to Rachel Ray and tiger prawn.

4. The Acoustic Cover
Plenty of hip-hop songs get acoustic covers--Mandy Moore even had a moderate hit covering Rihanna's "Umbrella," and we'd be remiss not to mention Dynamite Hack's take on Eazy-E's "Boyz N The Hood"--but seeing "Ice Cream Paint Job" get an acoustic-pop remix from California-based electro-pop outfit The Cataracs was a bit of a surprise. It sure shows off the covered-up--and pretty undeniable--pop melody hidden beneath the sheen of the original, though...

...turns out a fresh coat of paint really


do wonders.

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