A Liveblog As City Council Meets Its First Round of Finalists for the Gas Drilling Task Force

Welcome back to Dallas City Hall for the epic second episode of the gas drilling task force selection process, where the ad hoc committee of city council members will be meeting candidates for face to face interviews.

Councilman-elect Scott Griggs is in the audience, taking notes as Carolyn Davis interrupts Linda Koop for procedural points of order. Well, she wants to know if she can share her handout with Sheffie Kadane, because she left hers at home. That's your new neighbor at the horseshoe, Scott!

Koop offers her gratitude to all the candidates who've applied for spots on the committee so far. "Thank you very much for wanting to spend your summer... and your fall with us," she says. Based on what she's heard, she expects nine or 10 of the finalists to be here for interviews today.

Meet that first batch of finalists after the jump.

But, first! Delia Jasso -- who's not on the ad hoc committee -- has dropped by to nominate John McCall, the past president of the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League, for a spot on the slate of finalists. Jasso says her concern is that of the 67 applicants, only six came from the southern sector.

Davis says she understands the concern, but if he wanted to be on the committee, he should have applied like everyone else. Jasso says he did. He was in the book of applicants, just didn't get picked to be a finalist.

Ron Natinsky says he's fine with adding McCall, but says there was never an effort to keep southern Dallas out of the process.

And now, to the comments as we liveblog this son of a gun.

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