According to the Deep Web, ISIS May Be Encouraging Really Lame Attacks in Texas

Vocativ, a website that claims to publish "news from the deep web," has a post up showing pipe-bomb making instructions and suggested targets, including several tourist sites in Texas.

The bombs are all standard, Anarchist Cookbook-style stuff. The forums discuss using powdered chlorine as a chemical element in the bombs, but, frankly, bleach isn't nearly as intimidating as having an AK-47 waved in your face while ordering a burrito, so I think we'll manage.

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The instructions on the forums originated from a delightfully titled article in a 2010 issue of Al Qaeda's Inspire, "How to Make a Bomb From the Kitchen of Your Mom," and, according to Vocativ, are meant to inspire so-called "lone wolf" bombers in the United States.

Jimmie Oxley, a University of Rhode Island professor quoted in the article, says that although the plans are actionable, none of the actual bomb-making information is anything that hasn't been around since the "1960s or 1970s."

Whatever, ISIS. We weren't scared of that weird kid at our high school who got in trouble for bringing the Anarchist Cookbook to class, just like we're not scared of you now.

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