After NorthPark's Curfew, Teens Wonder: "Whts Happening? Gay Marriage and Now This?"

Last week NorthPark Center, the fanciest mall outside of Vegas, announced it would institute a new curfew for teenagers: If you're 17 and younger, no food court-ing or Forever 21-ing without a parent or legal guardian tagging along. (That sound you hear is parents all over Dallas heaving an enormous sigh as they endlessly circle six miles of parking lot looking fruitlessly for a space, all so they can walk 10 steps behind a pack of ferociously eye-rolling teenage girls.)

There will also be a dress code: no visible undergarments or "lewd" T-shirts permitted, you guys.

The reaction to the curfew out in the social media-verse has been, for the most part, pretty positive: many "Yays!," a fair number of "LOLs" and one or two suggestions from terrible racists about specific teenagers who should be banned from being in public (stay classy, terrible racists).

But a few youthful-seeming Twitter users were rather unhappy with NorthPark: Some of them died, some of them WTF-ed, and at least one had plans for a little light civil disobedience (#YOLO apparently stands for "You only live once," and yes, we had to Google that, because we are officially old.)

Is it too much to hope for an all-youth banana cellphone flash mob protest?

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