Larry James
Larry James

All the Things Central Dallas Ministries Hopes to Squeeze Into "Opportunity Center" On I-30

A Friend of Unfair Park wonders: What's with all the bulldozering at Malcolm X Boulevard at Interstate 30? Well, I responded, if I'm not mistaken that's the site of Larry James and Central Dallas Ministries' "center of hope," which we mentioned back in March -- that 3.6-acre multimillion-dollar development paid for by, among others, PepsiCo and the Embry Family Foundation. And, yup, sure enough: I went over to James's blog this afternoon and noticed that on Friday, he posted a video (which follows and features James as narrator) and an item detailing what's next for that corner, which, James writes ...

...will include a new, expanded health clinic; a large wellness center; a versatile commercial production kitchen designed to instruct neighbors in healthy food preparation and training in culinary arts; robust employment training programs delivered in partnership with Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas; an expanded food distribution center; a retail grocery store; a community garden and other training and life-improvement options.

James also notes that new philanthropic partners have stepped in since last we spoke, including the Sowell Family Foundation, the Rees-Jones Foundation, the Halbert Family Foundation, Bank of America and others. The 50,000-square foot facility, scheduled to open next year, also has a new name: The Opportunity Center.


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