‘I Thought It Was My Apartment. I’m Fucked. Oh My God. I’m Sorry’

Immediately after shooting Botham Jean, former Dallas Police Department officer Amber Guyger told a city 911 dispatcher that she'd made a horrible mistake.

"I’m an off-duty officer. I thought I was in my apartment and I shot a guy thinking he was, thinking it was my apartment," Guyger said. "I thought it was my apartment. I’m fucked. Oh my God. I’m sorry."

The call, obtained by WFAA-TV reporter Tanya Eiserer, goes on for nearly six minutes. In it, Guyger tells a story similar to the one she would later tell police: She shot Jean in his apartment because she was tired and on the wrong floor of the South Side Flats apartments. Guyger believed that Jean was an intruder in her apartment, which sat directly beneath his.

"Holy fuck. I thought it was my apartment. I thought it was my apartment. Holy fuck. I thought it was my apartment. Oh my God. Fuck," Guyger said.

At one point, Guyger begs Jean to "stay with her," as paramedics and police try to find the apartment.

"Oh my god. I’m done. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry. Hey bud," she said. 

Daryl Washington, the attorney representing the Jean family in their civil suit against Guyger and the city, told WFAA that the tape is notable for what isn't on it.

“There was nothing in that video or the recording where she ever indicated she thought Botham was trying to harm her,” Washington said. “She was very fast to shoot without asking very many questions.”

A Dallas County grand jury indicted Guyger for Jean's murder in November. Her trial is tentatively scheduled for September.

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