Angela Hunt to Highland Park: Take Your Toll Road and Stick It

You could always go to this "blog for the Park Cities," but we might have to charge you first.

Park Cities peeps like to keep their distance from Dallasites. This much, we know. But who would have ever guessed that Highland Park would discuss tolling Mockingbird Lane in order to keep the “outsiders” away?

Well, no doubt you already know that’s exactly what they are doing. KTVT-Channel 11 found a couple of Highland Park residents in favor of the tolls, and The Dallas Morning News grabbed resident Don Chase, who said: “We're not using their neighborhood street, so why should they use ours?"

This would be the first tolled surface street in the country, which makes sense considering that Dallas is already planning to build the first toll road in a floodway. The proposal, which would toll non-residents driving on Mockingbird from the Dallas North Tollway to Hillcrest Avenue, is still in its preliminary stages. But Angela Hunt, who represents Mockingbird outside of Highland Park, has something for them to chew on before getting too serious.

(Update: Monday evening, Highland Park waved the white flag. Though, no doubt, the white flag was made of silk from the Bombyx mori moth and sewn together by angels and unicorns.)

“If it’s implemented, I will be proposing that we toll all streets coming out of Highland Park owned by the City of Dallas,” Hunt tells Unfair Park.

Hunt says their plans are unreasonable because Highland Park is located in the heart of Dallas, and residents must adjust to dealing with traffic problems associated with their location. She adds that it’s unfair to target residents outside of Highland Park, noting that residents of Highland Park regularly drive on City of Dallas roads that they are not paying for.

“I think it’s absurd, and it strikes me as very elitist,” she says.

Hunt called it “offensive to the City of Dallas,” and said the proposal doesn’t show a willingness to cooperate with a neighboring city.

“There’s no spirit of cooperation when they’re essentially threatening to build a wall around their city and charge a toll when you want to drive on one of their busiest streets,” she says.

So, bring it on Highland Park. If you don’t want us in your precious bubble, you best stay the eff outta ours, or Hunt is gonna make sure you pay for the privilege. --Sam Merten

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