Are You Smart Enough to Be a Cowboys' Cheerleader?

If you're a loyal Sportatorium reader, chances are you aren't hot enough to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. (But who knows, send me a photo and I'll be the judge.) But I bet some of you aren't even smart enough.

Surprise, it's not as easy as it looks. (Check out more photos from the tryouts in our slideshow here.)

Remember how hard-ass Cheerleaders' director Kelli Finglass and drill-sergeant choreographer Judy Trammell stole the show during Hard Knocks circa 2002? Well, turns out they also make candidates submit to a written test.

Let's call it the Wonder Lick Test.

Now, as in real-world football, I'm sure free agents with 36 DDs and 4.2 40s are graded a little more leniently. But still, you can't just be a dumb blonde with big boobs.

No need to apply, Jessica Simpson.

Sample questions:

1. Where will the Cowboys play their final home game this season?

2. Where will the Cowboys hold their 2009 summer training camp?

3. Name the Cowboys legend who served as head coach for the team's first 29 years.

4. What year was the Cowboys' first season in the NFL?

5. How many stars are on the Cowboys Cheerleaders' uniform?

6. Who is commissioner of the National Football League?

7. How many yards are in an NFL end zone?

8. Name one country that borders Iraq.

I admit, I failed. They tell me the answer to No. 5 is 15, but I always stop counting at two.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.