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At Gordo's, Everything Must Go. Including Gordo's. For Now. Not Forever.

Daddy needs a new baby grand -- and a nice fountain, which, come to think of it, would look amazing in the front yard. Good thing we know where to get one: tomorrow and Sunday, from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., at the great Gordo's on Lovers Lane. Hard to believe, but tonight's the last night at that location, where the eatery's been perched for almost 12 years. And, accordingly, everything must go, go, go!

Sometime in late October or mid-November, Gordo's will move to Luther Lane and Westchester Drive in Preston Center. "It's move No. 5," owner George Bakhshmandi tells Unfair Park this morning. "From Mockingbird to Knox and Cole to McKinney and Monticello to Greenville to Lovers to Preston Center -- yup, this is move No. 5."

So if you want you're fill of Gordo's for a little while, you'd best hustle: Bakhshmandi says the new location will open in the fall "if everything goes well, but you're applying for new licenses and new permits, so it's hard to tell."

The Italian eatery's moving for the standard reason: It's being replaced by another bank, just what every street corner in this city needs. Nonetheless, Gordo's will get a fresh start, and among the items included in this weekend's moving sale are "a mahogany 5-foot baby grand piano patio furniture & water fountain, artwork (original oil paintings), marble side tables, catering china, French antique planters [and] benches, commercial ice machine, candle table lamps" and much, much, much more. And, of course, it's same-day cash-and-carry, baby. George says he'll be around tomorrows, so do stop by and say bye, at least till the fall. --Robert Wilonsky

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