Auburn over Oregon in Tonight's BCS Title Game: My Top 10 Observer-ations

A year ago I was correctly predicting Alabama over Texas in college football's national championship game. In tonight's Oregon-Auburn clash my heart says Ducks but my head says no way the Tigers don't prevail.


10. Oregon usually wins with its speed, but no conference is faster and more athletic than the SEC.

9. Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas is just a guy, a system quarterback who piles up prodigious numbers. See Kliff Kingsbury.

8. Auburn has won four games by three points or fewer; all but one of Oregon's wins were by 11+ points. In a close game, advantage War Eagle.

7. The Southeastern Conference is 6-0 in BCS title games including winning the last four. And we saw how good it is this season in the bowls, with Alabama, LSU and Florida winning and Arkansas almost beating Ohio State.

6. Ndamukong Suh, meet Nick Fairley.

5. Former Texas defensive coordinator/Auburn head coach Gene Chizik is 8-0 all-time in bowls.

4. Don't really have an answer for how the Ducks blasted Stanford, 52-31. Because we all saw how good Stanford looked. Maybe I'll point to Auburn's rally from down 24-0 at Alabama. Because we all saw how good Alabama looked.

3. Auburn will be able to run over Oregon's defense at will. The Tigers, anchored by All-American tackle Lee Ziemba, outweigh the Ducks by 50 pounds per man. Fifty!

2. The football gods won't let a team with Oregon's ridiculous and inconsistent uniforms win a title. What color is Oregon these days? Yellow? Green? Black? Pewter? I hear they are wearing neon yellow socks tonight. Auburn is traditional. Auburn is better.

1. When in doubt go with the best player. Auburn's Cam Newton is a bigger, stronger, faster, better version of Vince Young. The Heisman Trophy winner has played in this game nine of the last 11 years, and Newton may just be the best of them all.

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