Avi Adelman: The Next Lars von Trier?

Because it's early and we have a long day ahead of ourselves, we'll leave it to you to read precisely why Barking Dog Avi Adelman and Whisky Bar owner Jim Slaughter have a beef with each other. Us, we're not really that interested in the whys and hows, only in the fact their love affair now results in this Dogme 95-styled short film in which Slaughter confronts Adelman while Avi's trying to take video of Lower Greenville ... signage? Best part: When Avi frantically calls for more, more, more video tape, like he's Abraham Zapruder.

It's way too friggin' long -- 10 minutes -- but at least it has a decent soundtrack (the Ramones) and some casual antisemitism, which is always good for a laugh. "[Slaughter] actually wants this on YouTube," says Adelman to a fellow sign enthusiast. So, of course, he obliged. But someone get Avi some editing software for Hanukkah? --Robert Wilonsky


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