BREAKING NEWS: Dale Hansen Out at ESPN

As I told you back in June, Dale Hansen is a tip-toeing toward burnout these days. As of today, his work load is a little lighter.

A radio industry source told me over the weekend that the iconic voice of Dallas sports will not sign a new contract at 103.3 FM ESPN. The station will - for now - simply replace his nightly 6-7 p.m. "Hour of Hansen" with an elongated GameNight featuring Wally Lynn and RJ Choppy from 6-10 p.m.

"I'm not burned out," Hansen told me last month, "but I can see it from here."

Got a call into Dale to get the details, but the bottom line is his radio show is a casualty of personal downsizing. He's been at this in this market for 29 years, and admittedly he's lost some hair and some edge and some interest.

But his contract at Channel 8 runs through January 2013 - when he'll be 65 - and until then I'll keep watching. Why?

Because in a real-time world where scores and highlights are instantly accessible on multi-media platforms, Hansen delivers unique content: Thought-provoking commentary.

Call him a dinosaur, and maybe you're right. Call him lots of other things too - smug, over-paid, etc. - and they'd probably also hit close to home. Honestly, I can live without his radio show.

But I still pay attention when it's time for Hansen: Unplugged.

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