Caraway Bluntly Addresses Pot-Smoking Problem By Targeting Single Cigar Sales

The new ordinance would prohibit the sale of individual cigars and require cigars to be sold in packages of at least five, with a penalty of no more than $500 awaiting the perpetrator. Notably, it doesn't apply to cigars sold in tobacco shops or other businesses.

So what's Caraway's beef then? Well, he knows it's hard to make a blunt without a cigar, so this is his answer to stopping the practice in his district. Heck, it even lists "public safety improvements and crime reduction" as the key focus area on the item. Have more questions? Me too. Let's jump to discuss.

Before I get into the logic (or lack thereof) regarding Caraway's reasoning, I feel it necessary to point out that's he's done a lot of positive things in his district. However, this particular issue has me puzzled even more than his crusade to eradicate pants being worn below the waistline.

Lemme get this straight. Caraway sees people smoking blunts in his district, which apparently he views as a major crime issue. Since I don't live in District 4, I suppose I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm guessing pot smoking is far down the list when it comes to problems in that area of Dallas.

So he sees people selling cigars -- one, maybe two at a time -- to people, knowing they'll be hollowed out and filled up with marijuana. To put a stop to this, he spearheads the creation of this ordinance, which no other council member to my knowledge seems to care about. "If they have to sell five at a time, think of the reduction in crime!" Caraway thinks to himself.

I just don't get it. I really, really don't get it. First of all, is this what we want police officers spending their time on? Second, how exactly is this going to solve the problem? These guys can just go to a tobacco shop and buy individual ones or spring for five to the drug dealer living across the street. And, lastly, good luck enforcing it.

Does this make sense to anyone other than Caraway? --Sam Merten

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